If you'd like to book time, please look first at the "Schedule" page. There is a calendar there showing my weekly booked sessions. Choose an open date and time and contact me first before making a PayPal payment.

Feel free to contact me via the form below, or by e-mail: darren@logicproexpert.com.

You can also call or text me directly by clicking the phone button in the menu bar above. If you leave your call back number I should be able to return your call within a few hours. Texting is preferred, and we can schedule a time to talk that way. Keep in mind that this is not a free service, so if you have a single technical question, there are other resources for you on the internet.

If you have booked time with me in the past, you can send me technical questions for 1 month after our last session. I should be able to respond within 24 hours.


Call or text to schedule a session.
On your mobile, touch-hold the number for options to text/message.